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From GUE/NGL President, Gabi Zimmer

When a journalist or a whistleblower uncovers state secrets that are in the public interest, they should not be prosecuted for their act of public service.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange had exposed the atrocities committed by United States’ in Iraq. But whilst Assange faces the UK judicial system and the threat of extradition to the US, the individuals who had committed the same war crimes that Assange had exposed have never been tried.

I deplore by the Ecuadorian authorities’ decision to revoke Assange’s asylum protection, as it contravenes the requests made by the Inter-American Human Rights Commission and the United Nations to respect Assange’s right to maintain his asylum status.

I expect the British judicial system to remain impartial, and that it must not bow to external pressure from the US government.

Similarly, other crimes that Assange has allegedly committed must be tried separately and fairly – just like for any other person.

The integrity and freedom of Julian Assange must be upheld.



Photo courtesy of wikileakstruck on Flickr



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