Plenary focus - September

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  • Martina Anderson
    Martina Anderson

    Situation in Gaza

    Our delegation to Palestine was forbidden entry to Gaza by the Israeli authorities. The footage we were shown by the Red Crescent gave us a clear indication as to why. Gaza has been devastated by the recent Israeli onslaught. A total of 17 hospitals have been destroyed, whilst there have been approximately 11,000 injuries and over 2,000 deaths most of whom are civilian. The UN OCHA has stated that €551 million worth of aid is needed in the territory and it is estimated that the job of reconstruction will take 20-25 years. We can’t go back to the status quo – the occupation must end.

  • Helmut Scholz
    Helmut Scholz


    This EU-Ukraine association agreement is being rushed through Parliament in an unprecedented fast-track procedure. Given that the agreement and its free trade chapter have contributed to a deep internal social and economic conflict that has led to thousands of victims, the EP’s role should have been taken much more seriously. It is shameful to use banana republic procedures to such a key dossier. Ukraine’s citizens will be deprived of their chance to influence ratification in their upcoming elections. We strive for peace and therefore reject the procedure and the agreement.