Plenary focus - November

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  • Gabi Zimmer
    Gabi Zimmer
    Debate: Wednesday

    Winter conditions for asylum seekers

    The situation of asylum seekers and the full respect for their rights is a common European task, every member state has responsibilities. Winter is approaching in Europe and we all have to make sure that we do not see the same tragedies as last year. No lives should be lost again! Member states should finally show the long-needed solidarity and must return to European policies that respect human rights and international law. We can no longer have people trapped in camps and hotspots waiting for the EU to act according to its obligations. Relocation should speed up and a new, fair, and sustainable Dublin system should be adopted and implemented. All member states have to take all appropriate action in order to guarantee dignified condition for all refugees.

  • Helmut Scholz
    Helmut Scholz
    Debate: Tuesday

    Protection against dumped and subsidised imports from non-EU countries

    For the first time, social and environmental dumping could be included in the Parliament’s legislation for trade defence instruments (TDIs). GUE/NGL has long been calling for this so it’s a welcome breakthrough. But the devil’s in the detail and the draft report remains inaccessible to the general public. I can tell you there’s never been more neoliberal puritanism through the listing of all the policy decisions in China that are hindering free market principles. We cannot allow this to become the benchmark - and my group will not support this.

  • Matt Carthy
    Matt Carthy
    Debate: Wednesday
    Vote: Wednesday

    Rule of Law in Malta

    The Parliament will strongly condemn the assassination of the Maltese investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia in a resolution on the rule of law in Malta. It is vital that fundamental freedoms, such as freedom of the press, are upheld within the EU itself. There must be an independent international investigation into her death. We are also calling for a police investigation into possible criminality by Maltese officials named in the ‘Panama Papers’.

  • Patrick Le Hyaric
    Patrick Le Hyaric
    Debate: Tuesday

    Paradise Papers

    Given the number of leaks in the past few years and the depth of the scale disclosed, we hope that all political groups in the Parliament will support the recommendation for creating a Permanent Committee of Inquiry into such tax dodging as recommended by the ‘Panama Papers’ Committee.

  • Barbara Spinelli
    Barbara Spinelli
    Debate: Wednesday

    The situation and rule of law and democracy in Poland

    Human rights and the rule of law are at stake in Poland. Despite the adoption of a third recommendation and the launch of infringements procedings by the Commission on top of increased international concern, the situation remains unchanged. The EU has limited instruments at its disposal other than the so-called ‘nuclear option’ of Article 7. Time has come for the European Parliament to consider this option seriously, all the while elaborating on an alternative legal framework in this regard.

  • Marina Albiol
    Marina Albiol
    Debate: Tuesday
    Vote: Thursday

    EU-Africa strategy

    The EU strategy for Africa is deprived of certain principles which we believe can truly ‘boost development’ and tackle inequalities and impoverishment. This includes the recognition that poverty and forced migration are caused by the EU’s foreign, economic and trade policies. In addition, to focus development policies and funds to help governments to democratise their economy rather than misusing the money for the externalisation of our borders. Finally, the EU strategy should reject arms deals and agreements with tyrannical regimes, and to cancel the illegitimate, external debts with African nations.