Gabi Zimmer

Gabi Zimmer

Gabi Zimmer (DIE LINKE/Germany) was elected president of the GUE/NGL group in March 2012. She has been a Member of the European Parliament since 2004 in the GUE/NGL political group.

Between 2000 and 2003 she was president of the German left party PDS (which merged to form DIE LINKE in 2007). Before that, she was president of “PDS Thüringen” from 1990 until 1998 and, at the same time, a Member of the Regional Parliament of Thuringia until 2004. In 1977 she successfully completed her university studies to become an interpreter.

As a full member of the EP’s Development Committee until September 2012, and a substitute member of the Employment and Social Affairs Committee, her main political objectives are the fight against hunger, poverty, and social exclusion both within and outside the EU. As the European Parliament’s rapporteur on food security challenges in developing countries, her recent parliamentary work was in particular dedicated to achieving food and nutrition security. Ms Zimmer works for social fundamental rights and standards such as a minimum income, a minimum wage, the right to decent housing and energy provision.


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