Housing, social progress & defeating fascism. Local communities for another Europe

Housing, social progress & defeating fascism. Local communities for another Europe

Housing, social progress & defeating fascism. Local communities for another Europe

REALPE Annual Conference:

Thursday 7 February

13.30entrance of participants

14.30: Introduction of the conference by Gabi Zimmer, president of GUE-NGL

15.00: First panel: social housing and speculation

Introduction by MEPMartina Michels: Die Linke, Germany

15h-15h10: introduction

15h-10-16h30 : Speakers (5 to 7 minutes each)

Françoise Desmedt, Brussels MP PTB, Belgique

Nasos Iliopoulos, Athens candidate mayor, Vice-Minister of Employment, Greece

Ms Katalin Gennburg, Member of the Berlin parliament, Group’s spokesperson on urban development, smart city and tourism; DIE LINKE, Germany

José Moury, municipal councillor at Bobigny and responsible for the housing group of ANECR (Association Nationale des Elus Communistes et Republicain), PCF France

Emma-Lina Johansson, city councillor of Malmö, Sweden,

Mark Ward, Mayor of South Dublin City Council, Sinn Féin Ireland

María Chao, municipal councillor of As Pontes, Galicia

Mercedes Revuelta, Activist of the Platform of Mortgages Affected Peoples and the platform Against Vulture Funds, Spain

16h30-17h: coffee break

17h-18h: debate moderate by MEP Malin Björk: Left Party, Sweden

18h-18h30: conclusions of the panel by MEP Lynn Boylan: Sinn Féin, Ireland

18h30-19h30: Cocktail in JAN 3Q Brasserie

Friday 8 February


8.30-8.45: entrance of visitors

9.00-12.30 Second Panel: Facing inequalities and raising up of fascism across Europe, which progressist vision for our cities and local communities

9h-9h15: Introduction by Vice President of EP Dimitris Papadimoulis: Syriza, Greece

9h15-10h30 speakers (5 to 7 minutes each)

Giusto Catania, Municipal councillor in Palermo, former GUE/NGL MEP, Italy

Katerina Notopoulou, Thessaloniki candidate mayor, Vice-Minister of Macedonia-Thrace, Greece,

Ignacio Iglesias Villar, city concellor of Teo, Galicia

Nazanin Armanian, analyst of international conflicts and the Islamic world

Stavros Yerolatsites, AKEL, Cyprus

Enrique Oubiña, municipal councillor of Ribadumia, Galicia

– A representative from Naples City, Italy (tbc)

10h30-11h: coffee break

11h-12h: debate moderate by MEP Marie-Christine Vergiat (tbc): Front de Gauche, France

12h-12h15: conclusions of the debate by MEPAngela Vallina (tbc): IU, Spain


General Conclusions of the initiative by MEP Lidia Senra (tbc):Galicia


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