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More support needed for democratic forces in Syria

German MEP Özlem Alev Demirel has laid out the steps in which the European Union must follow in response to the Turkish army’s violation of international law by invading Syria.

She said: “Just as the Turkish economy deteriorates, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s government is also now a much weaker force in domestic politics.”

“This war of aggression is also an exercise in ‘patriotism’ for the Turkish leader in order to distract from his problems at home.”

“The European Union must take action by applying economic pressure on the Erdoğan regime, and make clear that existing and planned projects of economic co-operation are to be halted if the offensive against the Kurdish population and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is not stopped immediately.”

“Furthermore, political and diplomatic pressure must increase. Whilst criticisms have been directed by certain quarters within the EU, Erdoğan is still highly valued when it comes to the refugee agreement and as a NATO partner. With this dual EU policy in place, member states that oppose Turkey must make a decision. This includes stopping all arms exports to Turkey.”

“No country has the right to intervene in the territorial constitution of another country. We need clear statements from the international community to denounce this as a violation of international law.”

“If there is one force in this region that is democratic and progressive, it is the self-governing structure in Rojava. We cannot let them down and we must recognise the self-governing apparatus that is already in place.”

“The continuous criminalisation of Kurdish organisations in Europe represents a massive coup for the Erdoğan regime. The EU must show solidarity with the beseiged Kurdish population and the democratic forces of Syria – men and women who had done and sacrificed so much in the fight against I.S. terrorists.”

“Anyone who does not want to see a resurgent I.S. must show solidarity with the Kurdish people.”


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