About the group

The Left

Our group brings together left-wing MEPs in the European Parliament.

Confederalism for us means respecting and preserving the diversity of identities and opinions of our members. What unites us is the vision of a socially equitable, peaceful and sustainable European integration process based on international solidarity. Europe can make a big contribution to improve the living conditions of many people – this requires a certain political will, of course.

The major policies of the European Union and its countries have not reflected this vision thus far. This policy is too frequently based on a radically market-oriented logic of competition both within the EU and towards third countries. 

We are fighting for more and better jobs and educational opportunities, for social security and social solidarity, for a respectful way to deal with our earth and its resources, for cultural exchange and diversity, for sustainable economic development and for a consistent and strong peace policy. These must constitute, from our point of view, the ultimate goals of the European integration process.

The European Union must become a project of its people and cannot remain a project of the elites. We want equal rights for women and men, civil rights and liberties and the enforcement of human rights. Anti-Fascism and anti-racism are also a strong part of the tradition of left movements in Europe.