Another Europe is possible

Bigger, social EU budget a must in today’s Council informal summit

Ahead of today’s informal summit of EU leaders, GUE/NGL President Gabi Zimmer says: “Brexit gives...

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Juncker’s ESC plans undermine original EU ethos in volunteering

Left MEPs have condemned a rapporteur in the Parliament’s Culture and Education Committee (CULT)...

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Peru fails to meet sustainable development obligations

The government of Peru is yet to comply with its commitments to sustainable development, part of...

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Electricity market proposals undermine climate change and energy poverty challenge

The Regulations and Directive on the internal market for electricity were put to the vote in the...

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Stop the EU elite’s destruction of our welfare state and workers’ rights!

A group of left-wing MEPs and members of national parliaments who participated in the European...

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Move to boost EU Military Industrial Complex a ‘catastrophe’

Left MEPs have hit out against today's endorsement of the European Defence Industrial Development...

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