Another Europe is possible

Mercosur deal could bring banned substances to EU dinner tables

The EU’s ongoing negotiations for a free trade deal with Mercosur must be stopped at once or banned...

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Trump not welcome: war is no solution to world problems

President Donald Trump has escalated his divisive and warmongering rhetoric ahead of the NATO...

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Parliament dances to far-right’s tune with vote for ‘low-cost’ visas

A European Parliament vote to introduce US-style ‘low cost’ visas has been condemned by the Left...

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Parliament Bureau must backtrack on disgraceful rejection of scrutiny over MEP expenses

This week the European Parliament’s Bureau - composed of the President and 14 vice-Presidents -...

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Last-ditch call for Council to scrap dangerous trade deal with Japan

Left MEPs are urging Council to reconsider a trade deal with Japan as it meets tomorrow to give the...

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Death is the direct consequence of recent criminalisation of NGO rescue boats

Two Left MEPs travelling with a humanitarian boat carrying refugees and migrants to safety in...

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