Another Europe is possible

Apple’s systematic EU tax dodging exposed by new study

Report finds systematic tax evasion & abuse of legal loopholes by tech giant

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Post-Cotonou agreement must overcome EU neo-colonialism over ACP countries

Today, MEPs and their counterparts from 78 African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries completed...

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EU Council “missed opportunity” on World Refugee Day

In a surprise turnaround, the EU Council has today announced that it could not agree on a...

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EU-wide resistance needed against Austrian presidency attacks on social standards

Speaking today from Vienna after meeting with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, GUE/NGL President...

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North of Ireland parties’ joint declaration on rights and equality

A joint declaration that commits four political parties in the North of Ireland human rights and...

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Italy’s dismissal of Aquarius refugees marks new low in EU solidarity

The Italian government has been roundly condemned by Left MEPs for their refusal to allow the 629...

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