Another Europe is possible

A step closer to rights and dignity for women domestic workers and carers in the EU

European Parliament has adopted a report calling on the EU to recognise the employment and social...

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Children’s rights: EU must commit to all-round support

During last night's European Parliament debate on protecting the best interest of the child across...

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EU-Turkey deal flouts international laws and conventions

The agreement to return migrants and asylum seekers from Greece to Turkey, which Turkey and EU...

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GUE/NGL strengthens its cooperation with the parliamentary group of Fatah

GUE/NGL today adopted an International Declaration in solidarity with the Palestinian people,...

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European Investment Bank: Funds need to address unemployment, poverty and homelessness

GUE/NGL MEPs welcomed the 2014 Annual Report of the European Investment Bank, yet called for funds...

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Greece needs fast and positive programme review, blackmail from IMF is unacceptable

GUE/NGL strongly condemns the IMF's politically-motivated 'contingency' austerity measures for...

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