Another Europe is possible

GUE/NGL MEPs urge for greater dialogue with Iran

A draft resolution calling on the EU to reset its relations with Iran is to be voted on by MEPs in...

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Group president reacts to failed CETA talks & refugees deal at Council summit

GUE/NGL President Gabi Zimmer has criticised the European Commission and Council for its secret...

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Millions of Europeans support the Walloon Parliament standing up against CETA

The European Union's trade ministers were unable to reach consensus on the EU-Canada trade...

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Left MEPs launch website on Panama Papers Inquiry

GUE/NGL MEPs have launched a blog on the European Parliament’s Committee of Inquiry into the Panama...

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Mayors stepping in to support refugees where member states are failing

Where EU member states have largely failed to support refugees, some cities are stepping in and...

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World Food Day: support for small-scale farming key to food sovereignty

"The world must recognise people’s right to produce their own food."

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