Another Europe is possible

Commission proposals on CCCTB fall short of expectation

The European Commission has launched controversial new proposals on corporate tax which not only...

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GUE/NGL MEPs attack Council conclusions as inhumane and undemocratic

GUE/NGL MEPs have rounded on the conclusions from last week’s European Council’s meeting in...

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Vergiat Report on human rights and migration in third countries approved by the European Parliament

The European Parliament approved this morning a report by GUE/NGL MEP Marie-Christine Vergiat on...

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GUE/NGL defies ‘fortress Europe’ budget for the EU

Among the measures proposed, GUE/NGL has called for financial support for the regions expected to...

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GUE/NGL laments lack of legislation to limit use of trans fats

The EP resolution, which GUE/NGL supports, calls on legal limits on the use of trans fats in food.

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Alternative proposals for the Commission Work Programme: economic justice & respect for sovereignty

As the European Parliament debated the Commission Work Programme for 2017, Portuguese MEP João...

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