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Agriculture Committee passes amendments warning negative impact of TTIP and CETA on farming regions

This morning, the European Parliament's Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee passed a report on...

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Maximum transparency must be negotiated if EU lobbyist register is to work

Lobbyists and independent organisations wishing to have access to influence the EU decision-making...

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GUE/NGL debate: urgent to reclaim food sovereignty from large agribusinesses

The current state of the world’s food production system is leading to the destruction of our...

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Peace has not yet been achieved, say GUE/NGL MEPs in Colombia this week

Three GUE/NGL MEPs are in Colombia this week to support the official signing of the peace agreement...

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European Semester policy undemocratic and undermines national sovereignty

With a vote on the European Parliament’s Committee on Economic Affairs and Monetary’s (ECON) second...

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Calling on European governments to listen to the growing movement of women on abortion rights

On the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion, GUE/NGL MEPs are calling on...

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