Another Europe is possible

EU turning a blind eye to human rights violations by multinationals in Guatemala

Twenty years on from the Guatemalan peace agreement, the situation for human rights defenders in...

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New aviation strategy must address social justice and sustainability concerns

GUE/NGL MEPs are calling for the European Union's new aviation strategy to adequately address...

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Proposed Schengen border checks won’t prevent terrorism, but will breach fundamental rights

During tonight's debate in the European Parliament, GUE/NGL MEPs condemned the proposed checks...

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Developments in robotics must be means to create new jobs

The development of robotics and artificial intelligence raise legal and ethical issues. This...

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Delegation to Sudan uncovers human rights cost of EU deals on migration

A delegation of four GUE/NGL MEPs to Sudan has uncovered the dangers and human rights costs of...

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Motion to rein in food speculation rejected by Parliament vote

The European Parliament has today rejected a motion by GUE/NGL and other groups to stop European...

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