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A significant message that will reach far beyond Cyprus


Gabi Zimmer welcomes the rejection of the bailout agreement negotiated between the European Commission, ECB and IMF "troika" and the Cypriot Government.

A significant message that will reach far beyond Cyprus


"This memorandum's demands that Cyprus privatise and liberalise public and semi-state utilities were unprecedented. This would have lead to job losses and a decline in the standard of public services. Above all, it would have hit the most vulnerable."

"A socially equitable solution must be found that is not at the expense of the savers and people. We want a European solution that builds solidarity and solves the crisis through sustainable economic growth. The current solutions are just another attempt to distract attention from the necessary measures that could end the euro crisis. No further financial crises will be prevented this way."

"While this is in line with an appalling general trend in how Europe is dealing with the crisis, this latest proposal for Cyprus was particularly scandalous. We congratulate the democratically-elected parliament in rejecting this unprecedented deal and we stand in solidarity with the Cypriot people and the AKEL party that has lead and will continue to lead opposition to such bad proposals." Zimmer concluded.

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