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Event date: 28 Jun 18

Tuesday 28 June 09.00-18.30



28 Jun 18



REALPE Initiative

28th of June 2018

room ASP 1G2

8h30- 9h: welcoming/entrance of the guests

9h-9h30: general introductionbyGUE/NGL Vice-chairMEPNeoklis Sylikiotis

9h30-12h30: First panel on the Europeans Funds which can be used by local/regional authorities

GUE/NGL MEP Dimitris Papadimoulis and MEP Martina Michels

9h30-10h: The presentation of an expert on the different European funds and how they can be used followed by a Q&A.

10h-10h30: question time

10h30-10h45: coffee break

10h45-11h15: The interventions of representatives who can explain to us how they used the European funds in a progressive/left way.

- representative of local/regional authority (tbc)

-Panagiotis Korkolis, General Secretary of Public Investment, responsible for the Partnership Agreement for the Development Framework (ESPA), Greece

11h15-12h30: debate

12h30-13h: POINT OF INFO/ALERTIntervention of GUE/NGL REGI MEPs on the Future of Social Cohesion Policy, the reduction of budget and its impact on local/regional authorities. 

13h-14h30:Lunch time (GUE-NGL will provide the lunch)


14h30-17h30:Public services and their access in the local municipalities

14h30-16h:Second Panel: the battle for territorial equality and the access to public services for all, including in rural areas 

First part: The access to transports and public investments in infrastructures (such as education) 

14h30-15h15: intervention of the speakers:

Introduction:GUE/NGL MEP Marie-Pierre Vieu 

- Juliane Witt, municipal councillor for further education, culture, social affairs and facility management in the district of Marzahn-Hellersdorf of Berlin

GUE/NGL MEP Tania Gonzalez

- Mar Blanco Casais, local councilor of A Estrada, Pontevedra (Galiza)

- Ricard Riol, president of the NGO "Promoció del Transport Public" (Catalonia)

- Speaker PCF (tbc) 

- Yiannis Tsionas, CEO Thessaloniki Transport Organisation

- Speaker PTB (tbc)

15h30 - 16h: debate. Conclusion: GUE/NGL MEP Lidia Senra

16h - 16h15: coffee break


16h15-17h15: Second part: the right to water 

16h15-16h45:intervention of the speakers:

Introduction:GUE/NGL MEP Línn Boylan

- Stravros Yerolatsitis, Head of the Local Authorities Bureau of CC AKEL (Cyprus)

- Daithí Doolan, member of Dublin City Council, Sinn Féin (Ireland) 

- José Luis Caravaca, mayor of Castro del Río, IU (Spain) 

16h45 - 17h15: debate. Conclusion:GUE/NGL MEP Marie Christine Vergiat


17h15-17h45:Special point on Depopulation

GUE/NGL MEP Angela Vallina 

- Eulalio Fernández, from the University of Cordoba (Spain) on depopulation

17h45-18h30:Conclusion of the meetingGUE/NGL MEPMiguel Viegas


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