Another Europe is possible




3 March 2010, Athens News Agency
Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA parliamentary alliance) leader AlexisTsipras said on Wednesday that the additional economic measures announced by the government earlier in the day were pushing the Greek society and its gainsinto the fire.
"Today, the Greek government decided to surrender the Greek society and its conquests to the pyre," Tsipras said in Brussels, where he is attending a meeting of the European United Left-Nordic Green Alliance's (GUE/NGL) European Parliament group.
"However, what the government appears to be open-handedly giving to the speculators does not belong to it but to the Greek working people and which were achieved with struggles and sacrifices in the last decades," he added.
"No one can relegate to the fire what doesn't belong to him, especially when he hasn't received the owner's permission to do so, and in this case the owner is the Greek people, who's right it is to have the final say and choice," Tsipras continued.
SYRIZA, in an announcement, charged that the new package of measures announced by the government "is the biggest attack against salaried labor" since the restoration of democracy.  "The government is implementing the most extreme neoliberal policies, subjugating the Greek economy to the intentions of the market speculators and the international banking capital," SYRIZA said, and attributed "today's fiscal strangulation of the Greek economy" to the "present-day neoliberal framework of the EU".
It added that the new measures will sink the country into a deep and extensive recession, and are part of an overall attack aiming at the full reversal of labor relations, incomes and the social security system, and placed blame on the PASOK and New Democracy governments of the past decades for dissolving the country's productive fiber, deepening the distortions of the domestic production model.

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