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The planet will not survive capitalism

Event date: 29 Mar 17

Think about ecological alternatives, build sustainable models and struggle for climate justice. room ASP1G2 29 March 2017

The planet will not survive capitalism


29 Mar 17



15:00: Welcome and opening by MEP Xabier Benito
15:15 – 16:15: The incompatibility between capitalism and the planet’s limits and the need to build alternatives. Creating an economy at the service of the planet.
Introduction and moderation:  GUE/NGL MEP Eleonora Forenza
•              Kate Soper, philosopher, author and environmental activist
•              Stefania Barca, historian - Centro de Estudos Sociais
•              Daniel Tanuro, ecosocialist - Climat et Justice Sociale
16:30 – 18:30: How do we resolve it: political proposals, strategies and struggles. Dialogue and debate between social movements for climate justice and political parties.
A - Introduction and moderation: GUE/NGL MEP Xabier Benito
Representatives from social movements:
•              Marica Di pierri - A Sud
•              Geneviève Coiffard-Grosdoy - Notre-Dame-des-Landes
•              Dorothee Häußermann - Ende Gelände
•              Steffen Kühne - Rosa Luxemburg Foundation
Q/A with representatives from political parties
B - Introduction and moderation: GUE/NGL MEP Malin BjörkXabier Benito
Representatives from political parties:
•              Rikard Warlenius - Swedish Left Party
•              Antonello Zecca –Sinistra Anticapitalista
•              Kiko Garrido - Podemos
•              Cornelia Ernest – GUE/NGL MEP / Die Linke
Q/A with representatives from social movements


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