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Feminist Forum 2018

Event date: 06 Mar 18 - 08 Mar 18

6-8 March 2018

Feminist Forum 2018


06 Mar 18 - 08 Mar 18

Day One: Tuesday 6th of March

Installation/opening of the forum

17.15-17.45: entrance of visitors meeting in the INFOPOINT VISITORS

18.00-20.00: opening of the forum + the exhibition* Yehudi Menuhin - Mezanine space.

*-Images from Spanish radical feminist leftist graphic artist María Inmaculada Ramos Pizarro (p.nitas) and work of O NINHO (NEST), a Portuguese NGO that supports women who leave prostitution  

18.00-18.10: introduction and welcoming speech by Malin Björk, GUE/NGL FEMM, + GUE FEMM MEP´s (tbc)

18.15-19.15: Voices from the #MeToo revolution.  (tbc room PHS 05B01, in EN)
All the mentioned guests are to be confirmed

-Maja Staśko - Poland
-Anne Wizorek - Germany
-Alla Lattner - Ukraine
-Popy Melliou - Greece

-Asia Argento - Italy
-Hilde Van Mieghem - Belgium 

-Jenny Bengtsson - Sweden 

19.15-20.00: Cake and toast mingle


Day 2: Wednesday 7th of March

International solidarity 

8.30-9.00: Entrance of visitors meeting in the INFOPOINT VISITORS

One hour between 9.00-12.30 room ASP 1G2: 

GUE/NGL group meeting

Voices from the #MeToo revolution (guest are tbc) followed by questions and exchange of views with the GUE/NGL MEP´s. 

12.30 - 13.30 LUNCH inside ASP 1G2: 

13.30-15.00 ASP 1G2: Panel 1

Gender and Migration (speakers tbc)

This workshop will focus on two specific topics related to gender and migration from a feminist perspective: on the one side the parallel between security narratives in several European countries and the undermining of women’s rights and, on the other side, current migration trends and evidence showing an increase in human trafficking and increased vulnerability to exploitation affecting women.

In cooperation with: 

Le Monde selon les femmes

Euromed Feminist Initiative IFE-EFI

Arab Women’s Solidarity Association

(FR/EN tbc)

15-16.30 ASP 1G2: Panel 2

The importance of achieving gender equality and the empowerment of rural women and girls (priority theme of the 62 CSW)

- Angela Vallina, GUE/NGL MEP and co-rapporteur of the European Parliament recommendation to the 62nd session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women

- Rosa San Segundo, director of the UC3M University Institute on Gender Studies (Spain)

- Representatives of rural women in Europe, Latin America and Africa (tbc)

- Lidia Senra, GUE/NGL MEP and co-rapporteur of the European Parliament report on women and their roles in rural areas

(All languages of the group) 
16.30-16.45 ASP 1G2: Coffee break 

16.45-18.30 ASP 1G2: Panel 3

The centrality of equal pay and collective bargaining as an element of equality (speakers tbc) 

(All languages of the group)

19.00-21.00 @ Tentation (tbc)
19.00-20.00 Feminist self-defence 

20.00-21.00 Cultural event with NGO-stands  


Day 3: Thursday 8th of March

8.45-9.15 Entrance of visitors meeting in the INFOPOINT VISITORS
9.30-12.30 ASP 1G2: #YouthVoices 4Abolition

Being a girl and young women in times of rape and porn culture 

NGO’s from: Norway, UK, Latvia, France, Argentina, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden and Austria. 

15.00-   Participation in activities of Global Women's March in front of Gare Centrale

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