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The future of the common fisheries policy







26 June 2012 at the European Parliament in Brussels, Room ASP 1 G 2

9.00-9.15 Opening and welcome
Alfreds RUBIKS


9.15-10.35 Common Fisheries Policy: The proposed reform vs. The needed reform.
Introduced by João Ferreira, (GUE/NGL)

• Centralized vs Proximity Management - Mr Pedro Barros, Fishery Resources Officer Marine and Inland Fisheries Service (FIRF) - FAO
• CFP Basic Regulation - Ms Cathrine Schirmer, The Pew Environment Group, OCEAN2012
• Small-scale fisheries - Mr Jeremy Percy, New Under Ten Fishermen's Association (NUTFA)
• Transferable Fishing Concessions - Mr Jeppe Host, Kobenhaven University (tbc)


Questions and contributions from the floor


10.35-11.20 Regionalisation and locally based management. The Baltic Sea.
Introduced by Alfreds Rubiks, (GUE/NGL)

• Georgs Korņilovs - Scientific Institute BIOR


Questions and contributions from the floor


11.20-12.20 Pillars of the reform
Introduced by Georgios Toussas, (GUE/NGL)

• Common Markets Organization - Dr. Robin Cook, EFARO
• External dimension - Béatrice Gorez, Coalition for Fair Fisheries Arrangements
• European Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Fund


Questions and contributions from the floor

12.20-12.30 Conclusions




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