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Thursday 7th June, 2012

Room ASP 1G2
09h30-13h00 & 15h00-18h30

European Parliament
Place de Luxembourg - Brussels (Belgium)

(Interpretation available in Turkish, English, French, and "passive" German)





09.30-10.30 - Opening Session

- MEP Mr. José Bové, Greens - European Free Alliance Group in the European Parliament
- MEP Mr. Jürgen Klute, European United Left - Nordic Green Left Group in
the European Parliament
- Ms. Edibe Sahin, Mayor of Dersim
- Mr. Haydar Isik , Writer, Chairperson of the association “Rebuild of Dersim”
- Ms. Ayfer Ber, Chairperson of "Dersim Genocide Association"



10.30-11.30 - Panel I
The Dersim Massacre (1935-38): historical perspectives

MEP Mr. François Alfonsi, Greens - European Free Alliance Group
in the European Parliament

Dersim between history and nationalism
- Mr. Munzur Çem, Writer and Researcher
- PhD Mr. Berat Özipek, Associated Professor, Journalist daily newspaper "STAR"
Dersim, the Turkish state and foreign countries
- Mr. Martin van Brunessen, Historian
Dersim and “The Red Heads"
- Mr. Ali Köylüce, Chairperson of FEDA (Fédération Démocratique Des Alévis")

Short video (10 min) on "DERSIM ‘38", followed by a message by Ms. Fatma Tosum, survivor and witness of the massacre

11.30-13.00 - Panel II

International law, legal definitions and juridical responsibilities of the massacre

Mr. Erdal Dogan, Lawyer of "Dersim Genocide Case"

The international covenants on human rights
- PhD Prof. Roland Mönch, Lawyer and legal expert
Dersim and the international justice
- Mr. Yusuf Alataş, Lawyer, Vice President of "International Human Rights Federation" (FIDH)
- Mr. Edip Yüksel, Lawyer and philosopher

- PhD Prof. Barry Fisher, , Juris Doctor and Doctor Jurisprudence, lawyer of "Dersim Genocide Case"

15h00-16h30 - Panel III

Towards a truth and reconciliation process?
Political perspectives

MEP Hélène Flautre, Co-President of the EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Commission, Greens - European Free Alliance Group
in the European Parliament

- MP Mr. Ismail Aydin, Rapporteur of the TGNA Inquiry Committee on Dersim, AKP Party
- MP Ms. Şafak Pavey, CHP Party
- PhD Prof. Mehmet Bekaroğlu, Vice-Chairperson of HAS Party
- MP Ms. Gülten Kışanak, Co-Chairperson of BDP Party



16h30-18h00 - Panel IV

Fundamental and minorities' rights in Turkey, the Kurdish question and the current situation of Alevis

Mr. Ferhat Tunc, Artist
Ms. Nuray Mert, Writer and academic


Turkey and the Kurds
- MP Ms. Sebehat Tuncel, BDP Party
Turkey and the Alevis
- Mr. Ali Kenanoğlu, Chairperson of Alevi Cultural Associations of Hubyar Sultan
Sharing democratic values and constructive discussions
- Ms. Hilal Kaplan, Journalist, “Yeni Şafak” daily newspaper
- Mr. Dengir Mir Mehmet Firat, former MP of AKP Party



18.00-18.30 - Conclusions

Mr. Erdal Er, Journalist
MEP Mr. Jürgen Klute, GUE/NGL Group
MEP Mr. François Alfonsi, Greens-EFA Group



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