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Re-evaluation of NATO’s Nuclear Weapons Strategy New Projects for nuclear-free zone after the NATO S
































Re-evaluation of the NATO-nuclear strategy - possible steps towards nuclear weapons free zones after the NATO summit 2012



opening and welcome, by Helmut Scholz, MEP


• The new NATO-Nuclear Weapons Strategy
- Ottfried Nassauer, Director BITS, Germany
• The political conception of modernization-programs for nuclear weapons – state of play in an international comparison
- Kate Hudson (CND), United Kingdom
• The anti-missiles shield challenge in the global frame of a multipolar world
- Dr - Viktor Mizin, Deputy Director of the Institute for International Studies at the Moscow State Institute for International Relations (MGIMO); RF - (requested)
• Will the victory of Hollande change the debate on nuclear weapons in France? - Dr Perrin Toinin (IPPNW), FR (requested)

• Debate
• Roundtable: After Chicago 2012 – challenges for the EU and EU Member States to take political steps towards nuclear disarmament
with Paul Schäfer, MP (DIE LINKE, Germany), Keith Taylor, MEP (Greens/EPA, United Kingdom), Pino Arlacchi , MEP (S&D, Italy), Fiona Hall, MEP (ALDE, United Kingdom) - requested


• Nuclear weapons convention in 2012,
- Daniela Varano (ICAN), FR – requested
• NPT-Conference and campaigns oft he international peace movement, proposals for strengthening the co-ordination
- Magnus Lovold (ICAN), Norway – requested
• Nuclear weapons free zones in Europe – real opportunity or political wish-dreaming? –political options and next steps:
- Dr Michele di Paolantonio, President of AIMPGN (IPPNW Italia) on the proposal of Mediterranean nuclear weapons free sea (MNWFS)
- Yuri Donskoy, IPPNW Ukraine, on “Ukrainian position on nuclear disarmament, Ukrainian IPPNW thinking on new NATO strategy and policy for support of NW free zones in Europe”,
- Zita Makói, MD, IPPNW Hungary


• Debate and conclusions



Helmut Scholz, MEP

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