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Youth guarantee scheme should secure real rights


The European Parliament voted a text today asking the European Commission and the Council to create a so-called "youth guarantee" mechanism.

Youth guarantee scheme should secure real rights


European Commission

French GUE/NGL MEP Patrick Le Hyaric said: "This project would create a new system ensuring that every young European was offered a job, access to training or the possibility to return to university no later than four months after leaving school or losing a job.


"This objective is of interest provided the Commission endows it with specific financial resources. But to date, the Commission is satisfied with promising a vague redeployment of funds from the European Social Fund within the framework of current budgetary restrictions.


"While supporting the resolution presented by MEP Bérès, members of the GUE/​​NGL group urge the Commission and the European Council to dedicate a sufficiently financed specific fund to create a true "youth guarantee" which would secure the future of Europe's youth by guaranteeing them real rights to qualified, adequately paid and stable employment and social security, the right to housing, and the establishment of an "autonomy allowance" mechanism in the context of a European minimum wage.


"With these objectives as a basis, the GUE/NGL group will contribute to the realisation of this kind of project together with young people, their associations and unions."

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