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Members of the European Parliament demand respect for the sovereign will of the Venezuelan people


Last 7 October, candidate Hugo Chavez won the presidential elections in Venezuela, and was re-elected President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela with eight and a half million votes, in a ballot that had the participation of 81% of voters

Members of the European Parliament demand respect for the sovereign will of the Venezuelan people


It is public knowledge that President Hugo Chavez last December underwent surgery in the city of Havana. The National Assembly of Venezuela, last 9 November, in a favourable and unanimous vote, granted constitutional permission to the President to be absent from the country to have medical treatment.

According to the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, “the elected candidate will take office as President of the Republic on 10 January of the first year of the constitutional period, by taking oath before the National Assembly" (article 231). However, the medical team that follows the clinical evolution of President Chavez recommends that his post-surgery recovery should extend beyond 10 January. According to the Constitution, this situation comes under article 231 which states that “If for any unforeseen reason the President of the Republic cannot be sworn in before the National Assembly, he can do so before the Supreme Court of Justice”, without specifying dates or places to the effect.

It is worrying to observe some drives by the political forces and sectors opposing the current government of Venezuela, namely the more extreme right-wing sectors, to create an atmosphere of political and institutional instability alleging that there is a “vacuum of power” in the country and calling for “civil disobedience”. These actions, using inhumanely the present clinical situation of the re-elected President, do not respect the decision of the Venezuelan people taken in a sovereign manner in the presidential elections and seek to affect the constitutional normality of the country, question the recently held electoral process and attack the democratic and sovereign functioning of the Venezuelan institutions.


Taking into account the will and the sovereign decision of the Venezuelan people, and the Constitutional Law of the country, namely article 5 that states that “the sovereignty lies inalienably in the people”, we express our solidarity with the people of Venezuela and condemn any attempt, internal or external, to impose a constitutional crisis, profoundly contrary to democracy, the popular will and Venezuela’s sovereignty.


Inês Zuber

João Ferreira

Gabriele Zimmer

Willy Meyer

Charalampos Angourakis

Giorgios Toussas

Helmut Scholz

Jacky Hénin

Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Kyriacos Triantaphyllides

Alda Sousa

Marisa Matias

Martina Anderson

Nikolaos Chountis

Patrick Le Hyaric

Sabine Lösing

Sabine Wils

Younous Omarjee

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