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European steel industry deserves better!


Press release from MEP Jacky Hénin (GUE/NGL), group shadow rapporteur for the European steel industry:

European steel industry deserves better!


When voting on resolutions that concern the future of the European steel industry, there is only one question we should be asking ourselves: do these texts lay the foundations for protecting it?

We feel compelled to underline that the desire for intervention comes to an abrupt halt when sorcery and trickery come into play.

Despite the fact that the European steel industry faces unfair levels of competition and has been the victim of unprecedented financial exploitation as well as the object of organised cuts and redundancies and a plundering of know-how, the only suggestions put forward are not nearly close enough to the mark.

These weak suggestions don't in any way reflect the stakes, in fact by their nature they are too cautious and give free reign to the destructive whims of multinationals like Mittal.

The reality is that tens of thousands of jobs are at stake, valuable know-how is in the process of being stolen from us and entire regions are soon set to find themselves in a disastrous social situation.

The steel industry, like all facets of European industry, needs new action. Action that puts the needs of workers and people before responding to the financial viability requirements of multinationals.

For these reasons we do not associate ourselves with a process akin to the kiss of death to the European steel industry and we will continue to fight for other solutions, including full or part public ownership of the steel sector.

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