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MEPs in Warsaw to meet Polish left forces


MEPs in Warsaw to meet Polish left forces

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The Left group in the European Parliament will be in Warsaw 19 October to meet Polish allies, discuss common challenges, and learn more about the current situation in the country.

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Coming on the eve of local elections in Poland, the focus of debates will be on issues surrounding women’s rights, countering racism and xenophobia, rule of law, and workers’ rights both in Poland and the wider EU.

Amongst those participating alongside left MEPs are representatives from Polish left party Razem, NGOs and trade unions.

A press conference will take place on Friday 19th October at 12.30 at Radisson Blu Centrum, Grzybowska 24 with interpretation available in Polish, English, and German.

Speaking ahead of the visit, GUE/NGL President Gabi Zimmer says MEPs are there to “get our own impression of the political and social situation in the country.”

“The rise of the far right all over Europe - a worrying trend we want to counter by working together with international partners - is an issue of key concern. We are also worried about the rights of women and the rule of law in Poland. Furthermore, we want to exchange ideas on the fight against poverty, the improvement of the social situation, and the creation of jobs. As a left group, we oppose current EU austerity policies and so we want to hear from participants their view on the future direction of the EU.”

MEP Malin Björk (Left Party, Sweden) says she is looking forward to meeting the new left forces in Poland.

“It is important to show not only Poles but the entire world that Poland has political alternatives to the nationalist, conservative and market liberal forces that are in power at the moment. The left is not only the strongest force against growing inequality, but also against the threat from the extreme right, racism and sexism, and for progressive climate policies.  Razem inspires a lot of hope in today's Poland and I hope I will be able to work with them in the European Parliament after the coming EU elections!”

The European United Left/Nordic Green Left in the European Parliament brings together 51 MEPs from across Europe. We work for social justice, environmental sustainability, workers’ rights, gender equality, human rights, and democracy.

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