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GUE/NGL at the Euro-Lat assembly and People’s Summit in Chile


Parliamentarians from the GUE/NGL and the alternative Latin American left sought closer ties and to strengthen their common work.

GUE/NGL at the Euro-Lat assembly and People’s Summit in Chile


Willy Meyer MEP and Isabel Allende at the Salvador Allende monument in Santiago, Chile.

GUE/NGL MEPs Willy Meyer, Jürgen Klute and Inês Zuber participated in the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly and the People's Summit in Santiago, Chile.

The EUROLAT Parliamentary Assembly was in session for three days to discuss issues of interest to both regions, such as globalization and the financial crisis, drug trafficking and organized crime as well as natural disaster prevention. In addition, the Salvadoran FMLN's (Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front) Leonel Bucaro, current President of the Central American Parliament, was elected as the new Co-President of EUROLAT, representing the Latin American component.

Spanish MEP and Vice President of EUROLAT, Willy Meyer, applauded the choice of Bucaro as "another step in the consolidation of the progress of the Latin American left and coincides with a period in history when, after Chile, the Republic of Cuba will become acting president of the CELAC. Latin America teaches us that regional integration that serves the general interest is possible, characterized by the intervention in the economy and social policy," he said.

Meanwhile, Portuguese MEP Inês Zuber, vice president of the Delegation for relations with the countries of Central America, presented a working paper on mining, which emphasizes "the need to reconcile mining with respect for the environment and social and cultural values. In addition, the mining sector should take into account the views of local communities and maintain a public and strategic character. States should retain ownership of the soil and subsoil, and decide in a sovereign manner on the model of exploration of natural resources, including the establishment or maintenance of companies for mining and processing".

Also parliamentarians from the GUE/NGL and the alternative Latin American left sought closer ties and to strengthen their common work, with the approval of the Declaration of Santiago de Chile. In addition, numerous deputies signed a declaration of support for the Mapuche people.

For German MEP Jürgen Klute, a member of the Delegation for relations with the Mercosur countries "the Chilean government's response to the demands of the Mapuche people to return to their native land and to have respect for their autonomy has been repression and criminalization and the use of emergency laws dating from the dictatorship. This is why in the context of the Sixth EuroLat Assembly, it was essential for us to express our support and appeal for international dialogue to reach a lasting solution."

Also GUE/NGL MEPs used their presence in Chile to participate in a tribute to President Salvador Allende and in the People's Summit, a meeting that gathered some 500 organizations and social movements in Latin America and Europe.

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