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Opposing the EU-US PNR agreement



Opposing the EU-US PNR agreement

Thursday 10 / 6, 10:30 am, Press Room European Parliament

On the invitation of MEPs Rui Tavares (GUE/NGL) and Jan Philipp Albrecht (Greens/EFA), the Human Rights League will present an appeal that it has lodged at the Constitutional Court of Belgium to annul the law of consent to the EU-US PNR (Passenger Name Record) agreement. This agreement requires airlines operating flights to or from the US to transfer all the data they have to American security services.
This appeal is supported by European human rights NGO The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights, the Liga voor Mensenrechten (Flemish counterpart to the Human Rights League), and Paul-Emile Dupret (political adviser at the European Parliament and victim of the PNR agreement in August 2009), who will speak at the press conference.
On 21 April the European Parliament decided to postpone the vote on the request for approval of PNR agreements with the United States and Australia in order to consider the compliance of the agreement with EU law.
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