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Land issues in Europe: From Land Grabbing to Land Reform

Event date: 25 Jun 13

MEPs Willy MEYER (Spain), João FERREIRA (Portugal) and the European Coordination Via Campesina invite you to a press conference: Tuesday 25 June 2013, 10:30, Room ASP 5G2, EP BXL Land concentration and land grabbing are phenomena that do not occur only in developing countries in the South; both are underway in Europe today.

Land issues in Europe: From Land Grabbing to Land Reform


25 Jun 13




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At the same time as the Agriculture Council  is meeting in Luxemburg to try to wrap up the future of the CAP, you will discover that the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) subsidy scheme and other policies are implicated, in a variety of ways, in this process of land grabbing and concentration, with all the negative consequences for the social and environmental dimensions of this policy.

At the press conference MEPS and distinguished guests from ECVC and "Hands off the Land" will be present to take stock of the governance of land tenure in Europe, and to listen to different proposals on adequate policy measures.

The press conference is part of the "Land issues in Europe: From Land Grabbing to Land Reform" event (see the programme enclosed).


GUE/NGL press contact: Gianfranco Battistini + 32 475 646628

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