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Comment by Jiří Maštálka on the Russian diplomats situation

To expel Russian diplomats is an unprecedented step and its consequences are hard to estimate for the time being. Certainly, it will have a negative impact on mutual confidence....

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Copyright reform proposals a threat to EU innovation and information availability

A statement by GUE/NGL MEP Jiří Maštálka, member of the European Parliament Legal Affairs Committee (JURI): “The files debated in the JURI committee may be perceived as boring by...

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MEPs condemn Greek authority violence against activists and homeowners

14 members of the European Parliament from the GUE/NGL group condemn the violence exerted by the Greek authorities against activists and militants from the Popular Unity (Laiki...

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Colusão e conluio na formação dos preços dos combustíveis

Na seguinte pergunta escrita sobre "Colusão e conluio na formação dos preços dos combustíveis (III)", o deputado João Ferreira  solicita à  Comissão Europeia, oito anos decorridos...

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Deputado do PCP integra Delegação do GUE/NGL a Cuba

O Deputado do PCP no Parlamento Europeu, João Pimenta Lopes, Vice-Presidente da EUROLAT, integra a delegação do GUE/NGL que visitará Cuba nos próximos dias 14, 15 e 16 de...

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