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GUE/NGL demonstration against Spanish abortion law proposal



It is with great concern that we, Members of the European Parliament and National Parliamentarians, have learnt of the Spanish government's proposal to revoke the current law on sexual and reproductive health and voluntary interruption of pregnancy.

On 20 December the Spanish Council of Ministers adopted a draft law on "protecting the rights of the unborn child and pregnant women". The legislative proposal removes a woman's right to make decisions about her health by only allowing abortion in the case of rape or if the pregnancy poses a serious physical or mental health risk to women. This very restrictive law also removes the possibility of terminating a pregnancy in the case of a foetal malformation, which has been allowed under Spanish abortion law since 1985.

If this law is adopted, this will create a situation where once again Spanish women are only left with two choices: travel abroad those who can afford it to have a safe and legal abortion or resort to having a 'backstreet' illegal abortion at grave risk to their health. Any abortion carried out that does not fall under the two permitted categories will be considered a crime, both for the woman undergoing the procedure and the health professionals involved.

In light of these developments we believe there is an urgent need to support Spanish women in their defence of their right to make choices about their health. If this law enters into force in Spain it will represent a clear 30-year setback for women's' rights.

It is a fundamental human right for women to be able to make decisions about their own bodies. We, as MEPs and MPs, express our deep solidarity with Spanish women and will continue to fight for women's rights, and in particular we will stand firm in our defence of women's sexual and reproductive health and rights in Europe and around the world.

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