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The purpose of this website is to help the GUE/NGL Group exchange information with the interested public as promptly and as comprehensively as is practicable.

Accordingly, material will be posted which has not been, and in some cases may not ever be, formally confirmed as an official political position adopted by the Group.

This will especially be the case for the Strasbourg Focus, the pre-session briefing document for the press, which may include commentaries by MEPs which are not necessarily those of the Group. Other similar Group working documents may also be posted.

In the same way, press statements or speeches from individual MEPs will be carried which may not reflect the official Group position, as may draft resolutions on topical issues, which have not yet been formally approved by the Group.

Therefore, while material on the site will generally reflect the views of the Group, only texts which explicitly claim to be the position of the Group may be taken as such.


Reproduction of text from anywhere on the site, and images or photos from the Photo Gallery, is authorised, provided the source is acknowledged, except where otherwise stated.

Reproduction of any other material, including specifically images or photos from outside the Photo Gallery, is expressly prohibited.



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