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The inadmissible EU blackmail and pressure against the Greek people continues


The Eurogroup meeting, last May 22nd, did not reach an agreement regarding the debt situation of Greece, namely a debt “relief” proposal for this country. There is still an impasse regarding the participation of the IMF in the “stability support program for Greece”. The lack of a conclusion led to the postponement of a decision about a new tranche of the so-called “financial aid” to Greece. In summary, the inadmissible blackmail and pressure of the European Union against the SYRIZA/ANEL  government continues and intensifies the application of more so-called “reforms” in Greece against the rights and interests of the Greek workers and people.

The PCP MPs in the European Parliament consider that the maintenance and intensification of the so-called austerity policies in Greece will only contribute towards the increase in unemployment, poverty and inequality; the continuation of the destruction of this country’s economy; the increase of an unpayable debt and the worsening of the associated constraints; the worsening of the living conditions and suffering of the Greek people. It is clear today that a policy of intensification of exploitation, impoverishment, privatizations, economic dependence and foreign subordination will only serve the interests of Big Capital, which the EU and IMF represent, and has demonstrated in practice that it is not possible to restructure the debt in function of the interests of the Greek people within the framework of the Euro.

The PCP MPs in the European Parliament consider the positions regarding the situation in Greece as unacceptable, insofar as their objective is to justify or conceal the policies of aggression of the EU against the rights of the Greek workers and people.

The PCP MPs in the European Parliament reaffirm their solidarity with the struggle of the Greek workers and people, who over the last few days, in several actions, have raised their voice against the decrease in wages and pensions; the increase in taxes; the reduction of investment in health and remaining social rights; the cuts in subsidies, including for unemployment; the extension of the privatization program; the liberalization of layoffs; the attacks upon collective contracts and the right to strike, among other measures that aim to intensify the exploitation, pillage and economic domination by Big Capital, namely the great powers in the EU.

The evolution of the situation in the European Union, and particularly the evolution of the situation in Greece, demonstrates the demand and the need for liberation from the constraints and conditions of the European Union, the Euro, and the policies that sustain them, like the Budgetary Treaty, economic governance and common policies, in the service of the interests of Big Capital.

The PCP MPs in the European Parliament reaffirm the need for policies that respect the sovereignty of peoples, democracy, justice and social progress, and the right of each State to sovereign development.

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