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The European Health Parliament and patients’ participation


The last session of the European Health Parliament was held today in Brussels during which MEP Kateřina Konečná gave a speech as a representative of GUE/NGL.

With this she wanted to support an important pan-European project, whose purpose was a constructive debate and presentation of proposals by 80 experts on how to effectively push European healthcare into a new era. This era should, in particular, be characterized by the cooperation of EU Member States on international and supranational level. MEP Konečná especially appreciated the fact that the experts paid attention to mechanisms that allow greater involvement of patients in the system. Patients should be more informed, more active and should have more opportunities to participate in decision-making.

MEP Konecna summarised her view on the issue: "We have succeeded in engaging citizens in prevention campaigns. We have managed to uncover early stages of diseases and thus reduce the cost of their treatment. Although it still is not enough, it is necessary to emphasize to the patients that the cheapest treatment is prevention. It is necessary to provide patients with enough information and room to decide that it is better to invest their finances into the care of their own health while they are healthy."

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