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Stefan Eck in Cyprus to express solidarity with new animal party


GUE/NGL MEP Stefan Eck was a guest speaker at the Animal Party Cyprus (APC) Constitution and Elections Congress to be held on the 15th of March in the Cypriot city of Limassol.

Speaking during the event, Stefan Eck said he hoped he would be able "to motivate" his Cypriot counterparts by "sharing views and experiences about the small progresses achieved in the course of (his) political mandate" as a member of the European Parliament and by providing them with "updated information on the state of play of animal welfare in Europe".

A newcomer in the Mediterranean island's political landscape, the Animal Party Cyprus has the ambition "to make history for animals" and plans to join the international movement of political Parties for the Animals "in order to work to include animal rights and welfare as an integral part of the political agenda".

Its political manifesto is founded upon the assumption that "it is time to work for an end to speciesism, just as people worked for an end to racism and sexism". APC feels concerned about global warming, diminishing wildlife populations, loss of biodiversity, exploding human populations, pollution of oceans as much as with the plight of pigs, cows, cats, dogs, horses and other animals, many of which are used as commodities by humans.

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