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Stefan Eck: animal rights in China now on EP delegation agenda


Stefan Eck: animal rights in China now on EP delegation agenda

In future, animal welfare issues will be on the agenda of the European Parliament delegation for relations with the People's Republic of China

MEP Stefan Eck initiated the subject of animal welfare during the meeting of the EP´s delegation for relations with China yesterday, July 1.

He invited Dr. Edmund Haferbeck of PETA Germany as a speaker to inform the members of the delegation about current animal welfare policies and animal protection law in China.

The MEPs and assistants who attended the meeting, were visibly shocked when they were confronted with the film and photographic material. MEP Stefan B. Eck demanded his colleagues to not close their eyes to the immense animal suffering in China and to raise the issue of animal welfare in any future talks with Chinese politicians and business representatives.

In view of the report by Dr. Edmund Haferbeck and in the light of cruel treatment inflicted to animals in China,  the president of the EP's delegation for relations with China, Saarland's SPD politician Jo Leinen, announced that, from now on, the issue of animal welfare will be on the agenda in future talks between EU MEPs and their  Chinese counterparts.

This represents a breakthrough since, up to now, this controversial issue has never been addressed within the framework of the political dialogue between the European Parliament and China's National People's Congress.

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