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Statement of K.Konečná and J. Maštálka on the outcome of EP elections


What has happened is just what was expected: Antonio Tajani, representative of the Italian right-wing party and a former European Commissioner, has been elected to the position of President of the European Parliament.

What could not have been expected is the scandalous behaviour of the ALDE political group among whose members there are also members from the Czech political movement ANO, whose candidate very recently spoke about a centre-left coalition and asked for support from our political group, GUE/NGL.

It seems that they changed their direction overnight and very pragmatically turned their group to the right. The process of elections has not included any self-reflection from the side of the Socialists & Democrats, who during this and the last legislature participated in the so called 'grand coalition' and its co-decision procedures, therefore bear shared responsibility for the outcome of presidential elections in the European Parliament.

During all 3 rounds of the presidential election, GUE/NGL has supported its own candidate and our ideas about necessary changes in the European institutions, including the European Parliament.

The election of the president in the fourth round was just a question of choosing a less bad solution, but also presented a challenge for the Greens and the Socialists & Democrats to start building the real left-wing platform that is needed in the European Parliament. Our votes in this round were motivated by this sentiment and we hope that our step in this direction will be considered as an offer of a real left-wing cooperation in the Parliament.

Czech politicians, members of KDU-ČSL, TOP09, ANO and ODS bear full responsibility for the outcome and future direction of the European Parliament. Social democrats also need to think deeply.

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