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Reaction of the Czech delegation to the GUE/NGL text titled “Guidelines for an alternative policy on


Reaction of the Czech delegation to the GUE/NGL text titled "Guidelines for an alternative policy on migration based on human rights and solidarity".

Czech delegation of the GUE/NGL can agree with majority of statements in the text; however we feel the need to express some of our comments and reserves which lead us to the decision not to co-sign the text.

 We have already expressed points of concerns that are priorities for the Czech delegation in terms of migration before the summer break and since our reserves have unfortunately not been reflected, we can not go along with current GUE/NGL guidelines.

1. In the text we miss a statement that would clearly describe causes and roots of today´s problematic situation with migration. Intentional destabilisation and disintegration of some Mediterranean countries, mainly Libya, Syria and others such as Somalia and Sudan led to today´s foreseeable consequences. Already in 2010 during GUE/NGL hearing on "Minority conflicts in Europe" we warned against future unsustainable problem with migration. Unfortunately the right wing and social democrats has not listened to us at all and now we have to face the reality.

2. The only solution to such a problem should be stabilisation of these countries so that their citizens would not have a reason to leave the home countries. All the EU financial means aimed for development aid should be primarily and urgently invested in those countries mentioned above.  

3. We can not support decreasing of EU budget expenses on strengthening of the EU´s external borders, on the contrary we think that systems like FRONTEX play an important role in the protection of the EU.

4. We would like to stress that any EU Member State should be competent to set up its own migration policy adjusted to its absorption and economic capacity. The Czech Republic does not refuse the share the responsibility for this problem; on the contrary we have always promoted solidarity while welcoming high number of asylum seekers especially from countries of ex-Soviet Union every year. According to official statistics there are cca 130 000 Ukrainians living on the territory of the Czech Republic, but in reality the number is much higher.

5. We demand detailed assessment of functioning and effectiveness of so called Dublin system and its essential improvement (e.g. the 42 days deadline).

6. We would also like to stress support of all measures which need to be taken  in favour of humanitarian targets and against criminality and the risk of inflectional diseases and other risks for health especially in countries of transit which are the first affected by the immigration.

7. Protecting the Schengen borders is not only the issue of the border states (external borders) but of all the EU states.

On behalf of the Czech delegation in GUE/NGL, Kateřina Konečná, 9.9.2015         

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