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“Put people first, not war!”  Exchange of views for the Anti-NATO protest in Brussels.



This year’s NATO summit will be held in Brussels on the 25th of May. Because of that, a counter-summit has been organized since a few months by many international peace activists. On 29. March 2017 we invited two of them to the GUE/NGL group meeting for an exchange of views: Ludo De Brabander (from the Belgian peace movement "vrede") and Samuel Legros (from the peace platform « Coordination Nationale d’Action pour la Paix et la Démocratie » (CNAPD)). The two activists informed us about the current status of the counter-demo as well as about the planned actions surrounding the summit.


Background information:

 This year´s NATO summit will be the first for US President Donald Trump. It will take place at NATO’s brand new headquarters in Brussels on 25th of May. The city hosts both NATO and the European Union – two institutions that co-operate closely on their military policies. 

 From summit to summit, NATO perpetuates, enforces and extends its policy of war and domination. In addition, Donald Trump declared that further billions should be put into the military and he is pushing the EU to further armament. The increase of the military budgets to 2% of GDP is without a doubt a main topic of the summit. Trump not only demands more money from all NATO member states but also more soldiers and weapons.

 For sure this NATO summit in Brussels will become one of the most important summits in the long history of NATO. It is also a question of redefining the “Burden Sharing” between the US and the EU, which is pushing ahead with its militarization just as NATO. Instead of spending more money on war, we need more money for education, health, jobs, environmental protection and solidarity. Our demand is clear: we must leave NATO and NATO must be dissolved.

 There will be powerful counter-activities “Put people first, not war!” in Brussels from the 21st of May to 26th of May 2017. 


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