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MEP Stefan Eck at biggest anti-bullfighting demonstration in Madrid


On Saturday 12th of September in Madrid, independent MEP Stefan Eck joined around 120 000 Spanish animal activists and animal friends in the biggest anti-bullfighting demonstration ever.

The protest was organised by the Spanish animal party - PACMA - ahead of the horrendous "Toro de la Vega" festival in the Spanish town of Tordesillas where bulls are speared to death.

Together with several Spanish artists and intellectuals and alongside many anonymous animal friends, Stefan Eck denounced "Toro de la Vega" and Bullfighting.

"Mr Rajoy, stop this bloodshed, now! It is inadmissible to have such a thing happening in modern, civilised Europe!" he said directly addressing the Spanish head of government.

The march went across the Puerta del Sol neighbourhood streets in central Madrid and was preceded by a symbolic "Rompe una lanza protest", expressing fierce opposition to the killing of Rompesuelas, this year's Toro de la Vega.

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