Another Europe is possible

Coming soon - an EU ‘Orwellian’ nightmare

EU takes a step closer towards a surveillance superstate

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International Declaration against Fascism - Manifesto internacional contra o fascismo no Brasil

A statement by antifascist democratic forces in Brazil ahead of the presidential run-off on 28th...

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International parliamentarians meet in Brussels to back the UN Binding Treaty

This week the Global Inter-Parliamentary Network in Support of a Binding Treaty on Transnational...

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At last! Protection for all from harmful substances at workplace

The deal brokered will see the 2004 Carcinogens and Mutagens Directive (CMD) revised for a second...

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EU militarisation won’t solve citizens’ security and prosperity

Left parliamentarians from across Europe have renewed their call for a break with the current logic...

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GUE/NGL raises dissent over the political conditions of the first-round Brazilian election

The GUE/NGL group raises dissent over the political conditions in which the Brazilian election took...

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