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EU-Mercosur trade deal risks fuelling tax dodging - study

Great potential for tax dodging and other illicit financial flows should a deal be concluded...

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Inquiry into cum-ex tax swindle must start now!

The cum-ex scandal must be investigated by the EU financial authorities after MEPs voted...

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The “Cum-Ex” scandal - an explainer

A quick guide to a Europe-wide fraud that is estimated to have cost taxpayers at least €55 billion

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Parliament must examine MEP conflicts of interest over EU-Morocco trade dossier

The GUE/NGL group expresses its concern about a possible violation of Parliament's code of conduct...

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Attempt to enshrine permanent austerity into EU law fails

A statement by GUE/NGL MEPs on the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs

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EU must halt negotiations with Mercosur trade bloc

Negotiations on the treaty between the EU and Mercosur, which will prove profitable for – amongst...

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