Another Europe is possible

EU citizens’ rights and status of north of Ireland must be prioritised in Brexit negotiations

The British government's activation of Article 50 and a European Parliament resolution to be...

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Havana agreements: peace and action must go hand-in-hand

Today at the European Parliament, GUE/NGL hosted an event on “Colombia after the Havana...

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MEPs call for cancelation of event promoting illegal Israeli settlements

Event at the European Parliament promotes trade with Israeli settlements in violation of...

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Lack of solidarity continues to undermine EU migration policy

GUE/NGL President Gabi Zimmer has renewed her criticism of the EU’s current migration policy as...

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Rome Treaty celebrations won’t bring about EU renewal

As EU leaders gather in Rome this weekend to mark the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome,...

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GUE/NGL calls on Council to act over Dijsselbloem’s recent remarks

GUE/NGL MEPs are demanding greater accountability from the Council following the unjust and...

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